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    Imperfect Grace is the jewelry brand of and for the modern classic.  Pieces that are both bold and timeless, designed for you, because we know:

    • You take jewelry seriously
    • You want pieces that are versatile and effortless but with enough personality to look distinctly you
    • You wear a thousand hats and need your jewelry to transition between them as easily as you do
    • You have moved on beyond the gold-plated phase of your jewelry box and look for pieces you’ll keep for the long haul
    • You want to reward yourself for everything you’ve done, made, and become
    • You refuse to be defined by rules, age, or unattainable perfection


    Remember that first shiny thing that began your love affair with jewelry? It might have been silly or small, but it meant everything to you because it was a piece of treasure, and it was all yours.

    Mine was a gift from St. Nicholas — a pearl in the center, turquoise stones, I was 10 years old and I was completely mesmerized. This wasn’t just a ring, it was my talisman. It was a symbol of my home and my family, my protection from everything because it could never be wrong.

    It gave me superpowers.

    I had no trouble finding that power in my jewelry, but it took years to find it in myself. Years of trying to be perfect, trying to be liked by everybody, trying to fit in without asking what “fitting in” really meant. (Any of this sounding familiar?) Until, in one of those moments of radical clarity that only comes with adulthood, I realized that perfection isn’t just unattainable, it’s so. damn. boring! Our imperfections make us adaptable and empathetic and unique and beautiful. They are our superpowers. And our jewelry should remind us of all the ways we’re superheroes.

    We don’t spend our days in one role or one outfit or one task. We need pieces that can make us feel like queens even when we barely have time to brush our teeth. That can remind us we’re leaders even when we have to make tough compromises and big decisions. Jewelry that rewards us for our boldness and strength and never apologizes for confidence. So here’s to our imperfections, our talismans, and our superpowers.


    I’m fortunate to work with a talented team of artisans in New York City who specialize in all aspects of fabrication and production, and who turn my sketches into fine jewelry made with the highest quality craftsmanship. To me, quality is of utmost importance and I personally inspect every piece before it goes to its new owner.

    I draw inspiration from my Ukrainian roots and the artistry of traditional Ukrainian cross-stitch. You’ll see these patterns and motifs throughout my work, speaking to the connection of community and the adaptability and resilience of women at the center of it all.

    Inspired by tradition but built for a new era.

    THE NAME  

    The Imperfect Grace name came to me, as all great things do, in a moment of inspiration via Paris and the women there who left an unforgettable impression on me. I wanted to find a way to evoke their impossible effortlessness, carrying themselves unapologetically and with confidence, exactly as they are. When I saw the words “imperfect” and “grace” together on the pages of my Vogue magazine, it was the exact juxtaposition I was looking for.

    Imperfect Grace is exactly what I want to call forth with my jewelry, because it’s the beauty we all already have. Let’s own it.