Are you someone who likes to mix and layer pieces from your jewelry collection - old with new, classic pieces with more edgy ones, simple and understated pieces with bolder ones?

In the past few years I realized that I've grown to depend on a few select jewelry pieces for their uniqueness, versatility and meaning to me.  They have become my staples and mixing them with others from my jewelry box gives me the opportunity to express my individual style.  

This notion of uniqueness and versatility is what motivated me to design a collection rooted in simple elegance and timeless edge.  I wanted to design pieces different from anything else you own, but that would complement your jewelry and inspire you to express yourself, after all - the beauty is in the mix.  

My other big source of inspiration in creating this collection has been my heritage.  I was born and raised in Ukraine until my family immigrated to metro Detroit.  In designing this collection, I wanted to pay homage to the masterful stitching of the Ukrainian embroidery that I grew up with.  I am fortunate to work with a talented team of metalsmiths in Detroit, who have turned my sketches into fine jewelry made with the highest quality craftsmanship.  It is important to me to retain production of Imperfect Grace brand locally to showcase and support the manufacturing talent in the thriving city of Detroit.

My obsession with jewelry developed at a young age - I collected it, obsessed over it, and created my own designs out of my grandmother's old jewelry.  After graduating from college and landing my first job in the corporate world, I started filling my creative void by taking metalsmithing classes at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit.  It felt nothing short of empowering to hold a torch and bring my designs to life.  After my move to Chicago, I continued exploring various metalsmithing techniques by taking metals classes at a local art center.  

Launching Imperfect Grace is a realization of a life-long dream, and I hope that you will find a piece that will complement your own jewelry collection and will inspire you to exemplify your individual style in a whole new way.  


If you are wondering about the name...

Over the years, I've learned time and time again that striving for perfection is not only boring, but also is a waste of time.  After all, it is our imperfections that make us who we are and beautiful in our own way, let's embrace them.  Grace, or that simple elegance, is a quality that I truly admire in others, and aspire for all of my jewelry to represent.